Dental Fillings Annapolis, MD

Dental fillings are one of the most common dental procedures performed in our Annapolis family dentist office. A dental filling can serve either a restorative or cosmetic purpose. It can be used to treat a tooth cavity or to repair a damaged tooth. Dr. Colucciello and Dr. Rahman offer a range of dental filling materials, depending on the size and location of the affected tooth. In most cases, a white resin filling is recommended for both aesthetics and durability.

Dental Fillings: What To Expect

Your procedure may vary based on the size, location and type of tooth filling needed to restore your dental health. Some small fillings can be complete with minimal preparation to the tooth and do not require the use of an anesthetic.

First, your experienced Annapolis dentist will prepare your tooth by removing any tooth decay or existing fillings. This creates a stable foundation for the new filling. Resin fillings can be complete in one visit. Porcelain and gold tooth fillings are made in a dental laboratory and cemented into place in our Annapolis dentist office. This type of filling typically takes two to three appointments. A temporary filling may be placed on the tooth to offer protection in between visits.

White Fillings

Composite resin, or white fillings offer several key benefits to patients in addition to the natural looking result. The composite material is less sensitive to temperature change and can reduce both tooth sensitivity and protect the remaining tooth structure. Although they may not last as long as silver fillings, especially on larger teeth, composite filling do not present any health risks sometimes associated with amalgam fillings.

Dr. Colucciello and Dr. Rahman can replace an old, dark or leaky filling with a white resin filling to improve the aesthetics of your smile and strengthen the affected tooth. If you have dark fillings in the “smile zone”, consider having them replaced with a white filling for a smile makeover that will also support lasting dental health.


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