Man with Dentures Eating an AppleDentures are one of those subjects where so much information is passed around and so little is really understood.

Popular wisdom has it that only the first set of dentures fit properly. That’s only partially true. They tend to feel best because the gum ridges have not yet receded. But we can now re-fit new dentures that look and feel just as good as the original.

Denture fit depends largely on the health of the gums. That’s why we recommend you see us at least once a year for a denture check-up.

Denture adhesives? At best, a band-aid solution. Our office can do better than that.

And no, overuse of your denture doesn’t cause it to wobble. That’s a result of changes in the mouth, largely the natural shrinkage of gum tissue and bone. Again—we can help!

Implants: An Alternative Worth Considering

The biggest problem with dentures usually is, they need to be anchored just like your original teeth. As time goes by and your jawbone and gums change, that anchor gets loose.

One good way to restore confidence in dentures can come from dental implants.

Implants are the next best tooth replacement option to the real thing, because they’re rooted in your bone just like your original teeth. The procedure involves setting one or more implant anchors into the jawbone. These root-like implants, made of titanium, are strong, non-toxic, and biologically compatible with the mouth. Best of all, they can secure an entire denture. No more wobbling!

Implants aren’t right for everyone, however: you need sufficient bone in your jaw to support them, and a willingness to take good care of yourself during treatment. And keeping the implants clean is an absolute must!

But if dentures are giving you troubles, give our office a call and let’s discuss how we might make things better for your mouth!