Cracked Broken ToothEvery tooth fracture’s an emergency. Unfortunately, some are too tiny to be spotted by even a trained eye.

We call it Cracked Tooth Syndrome. A patient shows up with a “mouthful of pain.” Something’s wrong somewhere, but which tooth? It could even be a hairline crack in an apparently healthy, cavity-free molar.

Most cracks tend to be superficial, involving only part of the crown and a bit of the root structure. With a fast and effective procedure, direct bonding, the small fracture can be prevented from growing larger—and more unattractive. Best of all, 90% of all cracks require uncomplicated treatment: tooth-colored fillings, porcelain laminated veneers, or crowns. But that one crack in 10 that’s deep or complex demands a more complicated response.

If you crack or chip a tooth, make an appointment with us right away.

No chip or crack is “too small to worry about.” Like cracked window glass, tooth fractures have a way of getting longer, larger—inviting bacteria and tooth decay. Cracks in teeth also prematurely darken and age a smile. That just doesn’t have to be.