Smiling Boy with SealantsWhy Sealants are Good Parenting

Of course, we want the best for our family and especially our children, and most of us work at good parenting every day: quality schools, solid values, a sense of family. Time and money may put limits on what we can do for our kids’ health and happiness, but not when it comes to dental sealants. They are, well, a bargain!

Sealants are a risk-free, wear-resistant, and painless resin coating that bonds to teeth, sealing out decay. Applied to the chewing surfaces of your child’s molars and premolars (these are the areas that are most prone to developing cavities since the deep grooves tend to trap food particles). Once the sealant is in place, the surface of the tooth is smoother and regular brushing will be more effective.

A child’s dental development is pretty much predictable. As molars appear—about six years of age—the enamel is the last to form. Between the ages of six and nine, precious enamel may be missing from the surface of teeth. And, because youngsters are not always the best brushers, cavities are waiting in the wings.

The bottom line: sealants prevent about 80% of the cavities a typical child might otherwise have if left untreated. A bargain now with lifetime benefits.