Ways To Combat Dental Anxiety

Combat Dental Fear Annapolis MD Having anxiety or a little bit of fear about visiting the dentist is very common. However, when that anxiety and fear is stopping you from getting the care you need, you may want to see what steps you can take to make your visit to the dentist tolerable.

At West Annapolis Family Dentistry, Dr. Maria Colucciello and Dr. Jerry Berkow work closely with each patient to get them the dental care they need to improve their smile. If you suffer from dental fear and anxiety, don’t hesitate to let Dr. Colucciello and Dr. Berkow know so that they can tailor your treatment to help alleviate some of that worry. Dr. Colucciello and Dr. Berkow are highly trained family dentists who are committed to helping you achieve your healthiest smile in a safe, comfortable environment.

Tips For Coping With Dental Fear

Finding a helpful way to manage your stress and anxiety about the dentist can help achieve a healthier smile. By visiting the dentist regularly, Dr. Colucciello or Dr. Berkow can address your dental concerns early enough to possibly minimize the chance of needing more advanced treatment in the future. Dr. Colucciello, Dr. Berkow, and their dental care team work diligently to provide patients with exceptional dental care in a comfortable environment. To help patients cope with their dental fear and anxiety, we have listed a few helpful tips that may help you cope.

  • If you suffer from dental fear and anxiety, please let Dr. Colucciello, Dr. Berkow, and their dental care team know. Letting your treating dentist and staff know about your dental fear and anxiety can help them better personalize your treatment. As a dental care team, we can work together to help create a more comfortable, relaxing environment for you to get the care you need.
  • Don’t go alone! Bring a friend. Sometimes having someone around that you feel safe and comfortable with can help keep you relaxed during treatment.
  • Try to incorporate breathing exercises. It may be difficult to perform breathing exercises during treatment but try doing a few before you get in the dentist chair. You would be surprised how breathing can help control some of your anxiety. Make sure to practice a few different kinds of breathing techniques to see what works best for you.
  • Schedule an appointment at a specific time or day that you may feel less anxious. If mornings work best for you because you would rather get it out of the way, or if you would like to schedule an appointment in the afternoon because it is easier for you, contact our Annapolis dentist office. We have convenient hours set up Monday – Friday.
  • Sedation dentistry for dental fear. Sedation dentistry is often used for more invasive treatments. However, depending on your needs, sedation dentistry may be used to help patients comfortably receive the treatment they need.

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If you suffer from dental anxiety or fear, don’t wait until it is too late before you visit the dentist. You don’t want to develop painful and uncomfortable symptoms before you visit the dentist. Annapolis dentists Dr. Colucciello and Dr. Berkow can work with you to treat any dental issues you may have and restore health back to your smile. If you would like to schedule a visit, patients can contact our Annapolis dental office or schedule an appointment online.


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