Find The Right Solution For Damaged Teeth

Damaged Teeth Annapolis MD Damaged teeth can occur from a variety of factors. Teeth can be damaged due to decay, trauma, teeth grinding, and poor oral hygiene habits. The reason for the damaged tooth is just as important as the type of damage that occurs. If your damaged tooth is due to tooth decay, our dentist will address your tooth decay before providing a solution to address the appearance of your broken tooth. Chipped, fractured, or cracked teeth should always warrant a visit to our Annapolis, MD dental office. Chipped teeth are more prone to developing an infection, abscess, and other complex dental problems. If you notice a crack or chip in your teeth, schedule an appointment with cosmetic dentists Dr. Maria Colucciello and Dr. Jerry Berkow at West Annapolis Family Dentistry.

Restoring Damaged Teeth in Annapolis, MD

At West Annapolis Family Dentistry, we offer a range of restorative, cosmetic, and general dentistry services to repair damaged teeth. During your visit, Drs. Colucciello and Berkow will examine your teeth and address any dental concerns that may have caused damage to your smile. Drs. Colucciello and Berkow will determine which restoration solution will provide the most natural looking, durable results to repair your damaged teeth.

Dental Fillings: Dental fillings can be used to repair a damaged tooth. Any tooth decay or debris will be removed from the tooth before the dental filling is applied. We offer a range of dental filling material but usually recommend composite resin, or white fillings, due to their durability and ability to match your natural teeth. Receiving resin dental fillings can be completed in just one short visit to our Annapolis dental office.

Tooth Bonding: Tooth Dental bonding is used to repair cracked, chipped, or fractured teeth. The dental bonding material can be color matched to match your teeth, giving you a seamless, natural-looking smile. Tooth bonding requires a minimal amount of prep work, improves the aesthetic of your smile, cost-effective, and matches with your natural smile.

Depending on your needs, Drs. Colucciello and Berkow may pair your treatment with other cosmetic, restorative, or general dentistry service to help you achieve your ideal smile.  If you have any questions regarding your oral health, please feel free to ask during your visit to our Annapolis, MD dental office.


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